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  • Varn

    h2. Description Varn, known previously as the Shield City, now as the gilded merchant city, sits on the eastern shore of Lothodon. One of the major trade cities in the area. The Baron [[:aleron-viviace-el-dorn | Aleron ViViace'el'dorn]] rules the …

  • Temple of the Raven Queen

    A tall dark wood and marble Template. Surrounded by a series of graveyards and various catacombs. [[:quinek-pareon | Quinek Pareon]] spends most of her time here serving her god and helping those who seek the worship the Raven Queen.

  • Jeers Inn

    A modest Inn on the Edge of the Artisan and Arcane Districts of Varn. Primarily filled with the merchants and religious of the surrounding areas. Ran by [[:jeromy-blackmort | Jeromy Blackmort]]

  • Vashinlas Jewelry

    A high end Jewelry Shop. Ran by [[:vashinla-laeaneth | Vashinla Laeaneth]] Sells magic items in conjunction with [[Tazinids Terrific Trinkets | Tazinid's Terrific Trinkets ]]

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