The continent of Eqos was once ruled by five powerful dragons.

Jeruth, the Lord of Fire, an Ancient Red Dragon. Slain at the hands of Men 1000 years ago.
Tyrath, the Death Lord, a Black Dragon. Fate Unknown.
Cinolth, the Frozen Death, an Ancient White Dragon. Left the land after being driven out by an Avatar of Bocoob 1300 years ago.
Meseth, Lord of Faelar, an Ancient Blue Dragon. Acknowledged as the Ruler of Faelar. Slain by the elves of Calimor 1200 years ago.
Shuvrith, the crazed, a Elder Green Dragon. Slain by Kalimar, an ancient Copper Dragon, 800 years ago.


Rising from the ruins of the old world under the dragons came the standing Kingdoms of Eqos.

Lothodon, taking most of the lans of Jeruth.
Melor, the far east, holding the lands of Tyrath.
Bavinlia, holding the lands of Cinolth.
The Grusluiria Dynasty, holding the lands of Meseth.
The Pheasadian Empire, holding the lands of Shuvrith.


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